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June 24 2016


Biological Dentistry

When we talk about biological dentistry, we're supporting a philosophy that promotes an entire body approach to healthcare that actually works using the body and its particular disease fighting capability. Like a dentist, initially my concern in treating the mouth area is to remove dental decay and infection in addition to supporting periodontal health. However, as a biological dentist, I understand the mouth is definitely an extension from the system. The negative or positive effects from your gums and teeth may be felt through the entire body. Video about biological dentistry

Biological dentistry evaluates each patient as a person who requires special needs depending on his or her unique make-up. The term biocompatibility is used quite frequently in biological dentistry to explain the value in selecting specific dental materials that appear suitable for each and every patient.

Fact or fiction? The option of dental materials utilized in the mouth does not have any impact on your wellbeing in general. Although biological dentists do not use mercury inside their practices, this still is a controversial topic that persists in dentistry today. In June 2008, the FDA issued a precautionary note on silver fillings (having a approximately 50% mercury): "Silver dental fillings contain mercury, and the government the very first time is warning that they will pose a safety concern for pregnant women and small children."

As they are necessary, the FDA lags far behind a large amount of study that is clear on this topic. Therefore, when the FDA is finally making even this mild of the statement, it's really a confident bet that there are truth for this message. Pregnant women and children are more vunerable to attacks on one's defense mechanisms than these. However, that does not mean how the everyone else don't suffer some form of ill health as a result of same attacks on your body.

A good stronger statement of evidence arises from my patients in their own words. Their experiences as well as the changes they've been through show what really matters when someone's health reaches stake. In 1998 I began asking my patients to give me their personal feedback regarding the condition of the health and wellness and wellbeing once their mercury fillings were substituted for alternative materials.

Since that date, I've recorded over 250 testimonials from my patients. Although, due to my study with the subject I knew there'd be some changes, the responses which i received still surprised me in the beginning. However, now i am certain that each testimonial provides further evidence how the mouth plays a huge role altogether body health. Is mercury a biocompatible material which you can use safely in the oral cavity? Or is it one of several factors that weaken our natureal defenses?

The next testimonials are what a few of my patients have reported in regards to the mercury issue:

Metallic taste gone. Annetta, 78, Female. I noticed metallic taste was gone after mercury fillings were out. My complexion was far better. I have more energy, you can forget allergies or sinus problems.

Health conditions improve. Gloria, 56, Female. Since my amalgam fillings were removed numerous medical ailments have improved: Depression and anxiety have eased and lifted. Big improvements in my capacity to concentrate. Major advances inside the pain and fatigue from your fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. It's all arise since this dental work was done, in spite of working a high stress retail management job with weird hours and great physical demands.

Sinus problems improve. Ivan, 58, Male. Before I needed the metals (mercury fillings) removed I had all sorts of sinus problems. Because they are gone the sinus complaints are nil - one year later.

More energy - less headaches. Susan, 56, Female. Since my mercury fillings were removed, life has improved so much it problematical to remember what it was like before. I still need 8-9 hours rest most nights, however will no longer require a 2-3 hour nap every day - I no longer need 20 minute cat naps every few hours. I go weeks without headaches instead of days. I will focus and retain a lot more information I do not catch every cold I'm exposed to - I haven't had any bronchial infections or candidiasis - they were chronic before. As I approach my sixties I definitely feel a lot better than Used to do in my thirties.

Fact or fiction? Biological dentistry provides a healthy choice for patients not just for their mouths also for their general health and wellness. Although there aren't any guarantees, In my opinion the results that i am witnessing from patients support this statement.

The body can be a compensatory system that's designed to heal if given the opportunity. When there is a sensitivity or biological imbalance towards the utilization of mercury or other material in the oral cavity, then it simply is sensible why these individuals start to feel good after the offending source is slowly removed.

Our patients make informed decisions relating to health according to all of the research, medical literature and patient testimonials that are made available to them for review.

Like a heath care provider, if we see an opportunity to help our patients enhance their health, it's our professional obligation to do this. It really is our responsibility, as dentists, to research new opportunities that provide an all natural and biological support system aimed at improving people's lives now as well as in their a long time. Video about biological dentistry

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